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Define - Brand Strategy
Define your brand's story


The way you position your company in the eyes of your customers is the most important business decision you can make.  It is critical to an effective and successful brand strategy.

Poor brand strategy is at the heart of most underperforming businesses and, as is the case in over 70% of all startups, the cause of their failure. These businesses are usually creating products and services for which there is no market or which do not meet the users needs. 

What business are you really in? Who are you selling to? What problem are you solving for them? Why should someone buy from you? All these questions need answers, and if they aren’t the right answers, you aren’t likely to be successful.

For nearly 40 years, we have worked to shape and guide the brand strategy of some of the world’s most successful brands and companies. 

Our focus is on defining your value from the consumer’s point of view. Why you should matter to them. 

And what you need to say and do to be their first choice.

When we develop your brand strategy, we may cover:
will be advising you on each of the following:

Consumer Insight

Persona Development

Customer Journey Mapping

Environmental Factors Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Category Semiotics Analysis

Market Value Proposition

Product Market Fit

Brand Positioning

Brand Proposition

Brand Personality

Brand Architecture

Pre Attentive Cognition Assessment

Brand Naming

Strategy Clients
Some of the leading brands and companies guided by the team at Crombie Design now and in the past
Define your brand's story


Image by Ruth D
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Andrew Crombie

Speak to any of Andrew’s past clients and they’ll tell you its hard to find a better thinker about brands and brand strategy in Asia or internationally. 

His vast experience of working across all categories, on local and global businesses, has built a catalogue of branding knowledge and its practical application that ensures you'll get guidance and recommendations that are fresh, challenging and customer centric, yet rooted in strong business sense.

He knows how business works and the central role brands play. He has been Regional CEO of FITCH Design; HAVAS Advertising, FCB Advertising and H&T Asia, as well as holding global or regional roles at Ogilvy, Ogilvy Health and Chiat Day Mojo. He is also a qualified and much sought-after Company Director with a GAICD qualification from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Most recently, Andrew has been a driving force behind many startups' brands, including TiNDLE, the hot newcomer to plant based chicken which is setting new records as one of the fastest growing and most recognisable brands in plant-based foods, despite being less than 12 months old. 

Andrew is currently retained as brand consultant for a number of global startups and multinationals as they navigate the labyrinth of issues and complexities that building instantly recognisable global icons entails. 

Define your brand's story


TiNDLE Logo.png

You may not have heard of TiNDLE yet, but it won’t be long till you do.


TiNDLE is the world’s fastest growing plant-based chicken brand, launching in 4 continents, and hundreds of restaurants, in just 6 months since its inception.

It’s no wonder it has set new records for fund-raising at pre-seed and seed rounds, and is valued at more than USD180 million in its first year of operations.

Crombie Design is at the heart of this brand’s success. We were central to the development of its positioning and market value proposition. We helped drive its brand identity development and naming strategy, and were deeply involved in its launch strategy, product development strategy and retail launch strategy. 

Keep an eye on this brand as one of the great success stories to dominate the world of plant-based foods from its origins in Singapore. It is just one of the many future world-beating brands rom the visionary people at Next Gen Foods.

Define your brand's story


Over the years, Andrew Crombie has been associated with many great brand, and branding, successes.

But it's always special to receive unsolicited plaudits from some of the best and most talented marketing and brand builders in the business.

Here is a short selection of their kind accolades .....

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