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We are a team of proven thinkers and designers who specialise in only two key aspects of building great brands: Brand Strategy and Retail Experience Design


We are based in Singapore but sought after by clients from all over the globe. Working around timezones is just a normal day. Making timezones work for you is something we've done for years.


We have worked in just about every category - automotive, alcohol, banking, consumer goods, dairy, education, healthcare, hospitality, IT/computing, luxury, pharma,  plant-based foods, retail - large and small scale, technology,  telecoms - products and service providers. And many others...

Whether you are a startup or multinational, if you are seeking a highly respected and recognised team to give your brand it's best shot at success, contact us now!


With all our experience over many decades driving global brands and businesses, we have proven expertise in almost all aspects of brand management.

But we choose to focus on the two areas where we're known to be better: defining the right thing to stand for and then designing how it is best expressed in a distinctive and ownable way.

That said, when we see that there are other aspects of your brand or business that could impact your success, we say so.

Because we understand that your brand is in every part of your business and vice versa. 

So when you engage us for your brand, you are actually engaging our creativity for your whole business.


Consumer Insight

Persona Development

Customer Journey Mapping

Environmental Factors Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Category Semiotics Analysis

Market Value Proposition

Product Market Fit

Brand Positioning

Brand Proposition

Brand Personality

Brand Architecture

Pre Attentive Cognition Assessment


Retail Store Design

In-store Display Design

Customer Touchpoint Design

PopUp Design

Window Display Design

Event & Trade Show Booth Design

Customer Service Design

Digital Integration and Experience 

Retail Flow Mapping*

Planogram Testing 

* with retail tracking and analytics partners

Via Specialist Partners

Brand Naming [with Operative Words]

Anthony Shore is the very best in the business of naming brands and businesses. And as we offer and expect only the best for our clients, we fully recommend Anthony and his team at Operative Words.

Brand Identity [with Everland]

Everland are a Danish design consultancy with the rare ability to design brand identities and packaging that are both contemporary and timeless. They build a refreshing Scandinavian aesthetic into their design, making them ideal of brands and businesses wanting to reflect the eco-consciousness and sustainability purpose required for success with the modern international consumer.

Define - Brand Strategy
Design - Retail & Experience Design


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